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Develop an image presentation for OLIS LLC

Customer: OLIS LLC (TM OLIS)

Request: development of image presentation

Task: to develop a turnkey three-dimensional presentation that includes the image component, history of a development and a list of equipment that the company manufactures (development of structure, composing text, development of design concepts, design and layout of all pages)

Features: "OLIS" has more than 30 patents and produces more than 200 items of equipment for storage and processing of grain, which should be described succinctly

Result: a voluminous, stylish, image presentation that contains the necessary information about the company's activities and equipment using the visual component.


We are adding the presentation, you can watch it.






























OLIS (Odesa) is a leader in the production of grain cleaning, flour and cereal equipment, laboratory in Ukraine. The company's equipment is supplied to more than 30 countries. In 16 years, the company has manufactured and installed more than 3,000 units of grain cleaning equipment, as well as flour and cereal plants.


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